UNO®  Rayman Theme DLC
UNO®  Rayman Theme DLC

UNO® Rayman Theme DLC

Ubisoft Entertainment • الأحجية والتريفيا
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One of the most iconic card games ever is now getting a dose of extra adventure! For Rayman and his band of friends, the adventure continues in the UNO Rayman Theme! Enjoy your matches in a lush and lively environment as you and your opponents find creative, new ways to mess with each other’s chances for victory. With four brand-new and original Theme Cards, you’ll be able to hide your lead from others, swat cards back at their players (yes, even Wild Draw Fours), or mix up everyone’s hands if you’re feeling particularly daring at the time. Excitement, surprises, and more await you in the UNO Rayman Theme! Get ready to enjoy: - Brand-New Environment: Experience UNO like never before in the wacky and colourful world of Rayman! New animations and zany effects bring each match of UNO to life. - New Soundtrack: The new environment is accompanied by adapted music from the Rayman games, with styles ranging from whimsical to laid-back. - Rayman Theme Cards: Four brand-new and original Theme Cards are offered as part of the theme, giving players more opportunities to mess with their opponents and disrupt their opponent’s strategies, such as: A Little Help: Clone the top card of the discard pile’s effect and appearance—like getting a free card! Escape: Whoever plays this card gets to take a sneak peek at an opponent’s hand and then completely hide their hand count from all other players until they call “UNO”! Dragon: A mighty dragon slams down, takes all player hand cards, and then spits them back randomly at all of the players, mixing up cards while evening out hand counts. Punching Things: Swat a Draw Two or Wild Draw Four back at the player using it on you—for double the penalty!

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Ubisoft Entertainment

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Ubisoft Chengdu Studio

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