The Count Lucanor
The Count Lucanor

The Count Lucanor

Merge Games Ltd • الحركة والمغامرة • لعب الأدوار


Once upon a time, there was a poor boy named Hans who lived with his mother near the woods. On his birthday, the boy had no presents nor sweets. He got so upset he decided to leave home for good. Before he left, his mother gave him his grandfather's cane, some cheese and three pieces of gold. Hans walked into the forest in search of adventure. Soon it was night and the boy was really scared, so he tried to go back. But then, a quaint kobold happened to cross his path and Hans decided to follow him to a castle. The kobold told him he would inherit great wealth if he passed a simple trial... guessing his name. Trapped in the castle, Hans will live a spooky mystery, fantasy and horror adventure to become the new Count Lucanor. Join Hans in a fantasy world and experience a unique adventure, full of surprises and challenges. Get hooked on an immersive tale, where every decision counts and every clue is a piece to solve the puzzle and get the treasure. Unravel the sordid secrets of the castle, meet colorful characters, and remember: horror always lurks beneath the surface. Gameplay: > Exploration: Walk the Tenebre Castle and place candles on the ground to light up your path. > Conversation: Talk to NPCs to get important clues and unravel the mystery of the Count Lucanor. > Choices: Your actions change the course of story, with five different endings and several subplots. > Stealth: Hide under tables and behind curtains to go undetected. > Puzzles: Use the items you found wisely in order to progress. > Skill: Avoid traps and enemies in the castle by anticipating them.

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Merge Games Ltd
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Baroque Decay Game and Ratalaika Games
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