The Callisto Protocol - Riot Bundle

The Callisto Protocol - Riot Bundle

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Experience the Riot Bundle, featuring the all-new Riot Mode, new animations showcasing lethal kills, and an exciting new cosmetic collection. Start A Riot Venture into a previously undiscovered area in the depths of Black Iron Prison filled with hordes of biophage in Riot Mode. Fight through increasingly difficult waves of enemies, earning credits to unlock powerful upgrades and purchase health and resources to help you survive. Complete objectives to earn a temporary special ability granting unlimited ammo and GRP charges that instantly kills enemies to give you the edge in battle. New Ways to Kill Showcase your lethality. The Riot Bundle adds eleven exciting new animations for Jacob to execute biophage in brutally creative ways. Available in all modes. Survive in Style Honor the first colonists of Callisto by wearing the Prospector Skin Collection, a new cosmetic set for your player, weapons, and gear. And if that's not enough, earn 20,000 credits while playing Riot Mode to unlock the Hazmat Skin Collection.

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