Survival Farming
Survival Farming

Survival Farming

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Survival Farming is a game of farming and simulation game. It includes an inventory, crafting, building, growing plants, livestock animals, a save system and much more. Resources: -Inventory system -Crafting system -Resource gathering -Character attributes (health, energy...) -Farming (Sowing seeds, plant/fruit growth, hoe, watering) -Livestock Animals (eat, grow, produce) -Wild Animal behaviors (wander, escape, chase) -Hunting and Fishing -Eating and cooking -NPC store to buy/sell items -Combat (attacking and hp) -Item durability and food spoilage -Storage boxes (chest) -Pets (follow, attack and dig behaviors) -Horse riding -Bonus effects (Consumable or equipment that boost stats). -Game clock, day/night cycle -Save/Load system -Animated animals (cow, sheep, chicken, pig, deer, bear,squirrel, bird...) -Basic material (wood, grass, rock, hay ...) -Gathering tools (hoe, scythe, axe, pickaxe, fishing rod, ...) -Food (berries, apples, nuts, meat, fish, ...) -Cooked food (tacos, popcorn, bread...) -Constructions (fences, bbq, chest...) -Environment (trees, bushes, rocks, floor patterns...) -Farming plants (strawberry, pumpkin, pepper, tomato, wheat...) -Town models (lamp, bench, houses, shop stand...) Keyboard: - Backspace: Returns to the main menu.

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  • Xbox One
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