Prison Architect: Escape Mode

Prison Architect: Escape Mode

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Swap the role of architect for inmate and try to break out of your prisons! Will you earn essential cash by working an honest job, or steal money from your fellow inmates? Will you plan a stealthy underground escape or raid an armoury and shoot your way out? Whatever you do, remember to bring plenty of bacon to bribe the sniffer dogs with. • Take control of a prisoner and break out of any prison in World of Wardens! • Earn XP and spend points to unlock new skills to power up your prisoner • Bribe guards to evade punishment • Sneak, fight or tunnel your way to freedom • Recruit crew members and assign them orders • Call up "The Boss" to smuggle in contraband and carry out assassinations • 27 new collectable snapshots

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Double Eleven Limited

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Introversion Software / Double Eleven Limited

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