Power Bundle

Power Bundle

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Become the Hero or Villain you desire at a great discount price with the Power Bundle! The Power Bundle includes: • Access to all 9 Power types - Gain access to Light, Electricity, Earth, Quantum, Celestial, Rage, Munitions, Atomic, and Water powers (Respec Token: Power Type required for switching on existing characters). • The Shield Weapon - Jump into combat with the Shield, a medium-speed weapon that utilizes powerful melee strikes and unique ranged attacks. • Skimming Movement Mode - Dash across the skies and deal punishment from above by unlocking the Aerial Movement Mode Variant: Skimming! (Respec Token: Movement Type required for switching on existing characters). All Items in this bundle are free to access for Members. This item is restricted to the purchaser’s account and cannot be shared.

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Daybreak Game Company, LLC

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Daybreak Games

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