Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition Deluxe Collection

Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition Deluxe Collection

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CREATE Build whatever you can imagine in your own infinite world that’s unique in every playthrough. EXPLORE Discover biomes, resources and mobs, and craft your way through a world filled with surprises in the ultimate sandbox game. SURVIVE Experience unforgettable adventures as you face mysterious foes, traverse exciting landscapes, and travel to perilous dimensions. PLAY TOGETHER Have a blast with friends in Bedrock Edition, even if you’re miles apart in cross-platform play for console, mobile and PC. Or join other Minecrafters in Java Edition on PC, Mac and Linux*. Connect with millions of players on community servers in Bedrock Edition or subscribe to Realms Plus or Realms for Java to play with up to 10 friends on your own private server. EXPERIENCE MORE Get creator-made add-ons, thrilling worlds, and stylish cosmetics on Minecraft Marketplace, only on Bedrock Edition. Subscribe to Marketplace Pass (or Realms Plus) for Bedrock Edition to access 150+ worlds, skin & textures packs, and more – refreshed monthly. NOTE: Worlds/saves from Minecraft: Java Edition are not compatible with Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The Deluxe Collection includes this added content in addition to Minecraft: 1600 Minecoins**; five maps (Skyblock One Block, Hacker Tools, Pets Collection, Parkour Spiral, and Original Bed Wars); three skin packs (Spy Mobs, Cute Anime Teens, and Cute Mob Skins), one texture pack (Clarity), five Character Creator items, and three emotes. For players *not* using Windows 10 or Windows 11, please go to Minecraft.net/download to get the Minecraft Launcher for your operating system and access your game. For more information on how to use the Minecraft Launcher, check out https://aka.ms/MCLauncherFAQ. *Minecraft: Java Edition runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux; Minecraft: Bedrock Edition runs on Windows. **Spend Minecoins on epic adventure worlds, skins, and other imaginative content, crafted by creators at Minecraft Marketplace.

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Microsoft Studios

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Mojang/Microsoft Studios

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قابل للتشغيل في

  • PC


  • النمط التعاوني المحلي لـ Xbox (4-16)
  • لعبة تعاونية عبر الإنترنت (4-16)
  • نمط متعدد اللاعبين المحلي لـ Xbox (4-16)
  • لعبة متعددة اللاعبين عبر الإنترنت (4-16)
  • نمط متعدد اللاعبين عبر النظام الأساسي لـ Xbox
  • Single player
  • Shared/split screen
  • النمط التعاوني عبر النظام الأساسي لـ Xbox
  • Xbox Live

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