Lent: The Easter Bunny (Story One)

Lent: The Easter Bunny (Story One)

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The animal kingdom and the human kingdom are celebrating Easter! It's at the front of their minds and hearts! The humans are getting ready for the Easter service at the local church, while the animals around the church are about to start the Easter festivities! Every year, the animals have a competition to decide the Easter bunny! It's a rare honor for one animal that happens only once every year! But this year, one bunny thinks that everyone inside and outside the church are doing things all wrong! Can Lent and his friends change Easter for the better?! And do the wolves have a plan for Easter, too?! So from among all of the contestants, which bunny will be king of the contest and be the Easter bunny this year? What is the destiny of the village? [Character Profiles] [[[( Here are some of the characters you'll see on your adventure! )]]] Lent: A bunny in the animal village. He's doesn't like that the humans are focusing more on rabbits instead of God and Jesus Christ at Easter, and wants to do something about it. He's really fast and can run at sonic speed, so can he win the Easter competition and become the Easter bunny? "I can win the Easter bunny contest! I have to! And if those killer wolves show up, I'll be ready for them!" Bunita: A bunny in the animal village. She's a friend of Lent. "Lent's plan is a little strange, but I understand where he's coming from! He's a brave guy! So I'll work together with Lent and the others to get him to win the Easter contest! And then... Maybe he'll..." Walter: A bunny in the animal village. His dad wants to be a tycoon in the community, so what will he encourage his son to do to help him get there?! "I gotta win for my parents, and if I win, Bunita might go out with me! That would be super! So say hello to the winner of the Easter contest! Me! I won't be at the tail end anymore! My life is about to change for the better!" The wolves: The neighbor of the animals that no one wanted! They're a group of wolves that cause trouble for the village with a hunter instinct. The claws of these wolves strike fear in everyone, and can cause a lonely animal to be frozen in fear! You can never tell the next time they're planning to crash in and attack... "Your doom is here critters, 'cause it's hunting season for us! A full blown battle royale! We'll eat all of you animals someday!" ???: An unknown and seemingly untitled lonely hare with an unusual past?! What will Lent find out about him? "..." [Game Features] -Multiple playable characters -Simple game play and controls -A game in the Lent: The Easter Bunny series [This game is recommended for people who enjoy or are looking for...] -the Lent: The Easter Bunny series -the ZJ the Ball or the Zippy the Circle series -the Project: Summer Ice series -the Our Church and Halloween RPG series -one player 2D pixel art games where you can play and control an animal -games for tween, teen, and young adult boys and girls -Christian anime and manga -games about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit -funny furry animals, like a lion, a dog, a goose, or a rabbit -pets like dogs, cats, and animals like a monkey, bunnies and/or rabbits -animal sims -a JRPG with strong and compelling characters -an RPG with animal characters -simulation and simulator games -a game with replay value -animals at the zoo -great music to jam to -rpg adventure games -farm animal and farming games -reptiles and small creatures like a snake, bug, or a rodent -parables, fables, and fairy tales -a game for a boy or girl -girly games -manly games -cute games -Christian anime and manga -a game with Christian themes -a parable, fable, or a fairy tale type stories -a game for men, woman, boys, and girls -a JRPG without a sword as a weapon -a JRPG without a monster character and isn't set in space -Bible based games -a Christian themed game that anyone can play [About the Lent: The Easter Bunny series] Lent: The Easter Bunny is a series of video games, books, and animations about a group of animal's daily adventures living in the field behind the local church! The series began with the original Lent: The Easter Bunny video game released on February 23rd, 2018, and has continued to this day with many different products! [Visit us online at our official website today!] https://www.ProjectSummerIce.com [Watch our videos on YouTube today!] YouTube.com/executecodedotcom [Check out news about this and other games at our social media today!] Instagram: instagram.com/ProjectSummerIcePR Twitter: twitter.com/ProjSummerIcePR Lent: The Easter Bunny © 2018-2021 Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. / Breakthrough Gaming LLC / ProjectSummerIce.com. All Rights Reserved. Built with RPG Maker MV © 2015 GOTCHA GOTCHA GAMES/YOJI OJIMA. All Rights Reserved. Additional credits for the RPG Maker MV engine can be viewed at: http://www.breakthroughgaming.com/rpg-maker-mv-credits.html

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