King's Edition Content

King's Edition Content

Tripwire Interactive LLC • الحركة والمغامرة • قتالية • ساحة المعركة متعددة اللاعبين عبر الإنترنت
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يتطلب توفر لعبة
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هذا المحتوى يتطلب لعبة (تُباع بشكل منفصل).

تتطلب اللعبة توفر اشتراك ألعاب متعددة اللاعبين عبر الإنترنت لممارستها على وحدة التحكم (Game Pass Core أو Ultimate، يُباع بشكل منفصل).


Return to the ultimate medieval battlefield! Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles. Players are thrust into the action of every iconic moment of the era - from clashing swords, to storms of flaming arrows, to sprawling castle sieges and more. Buy Chivalry 2 King's Edition now to get the following content: 1. Rebel King's Armor and War Helmet - Don the legendary armor worn by General Malric at the Battle of Stoneshill. 2. Feydrid's Aegis Armor and War Crown - Fight for glory and honor with the Steward King Feydrid's royal set. 3. Duke's Talon and Kralle of Bridgetown Shields - Protect yourself with the Duke's Talon (Mason Shield) and Kralle of Bridgetown (Agathian Shield). 4. Surrender Flag Novelty Item - Live to fight another day with this novelty item, added to your spawn-in inventory. 5. 1000 Crowns + 5000 Gold - Receive 1000 Crowns (premium currency) - and 5000 Gold (earnable currency), used to unlock new armor, weapon appearances and more!

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Tripwire Interactive LLC

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Torn Banner Studios

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