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Goroons is a Co-op puzzle game about cooperation, communication, and cute monsters with unique abilities! *History:* These lovable creatures had their guardian princess attacked by a mysterious golden arrow, putting their entire planet in danger. Goroons, unite! Fight this giant menace from the inside, and take back the power that can save the princess and protect everybody! *Creatures with metamorphic powers:* Every Goroon is born with a morph skill and several forms, each form suited for a specific task. With their powers and teamwork, you can beat every challenge ahead. *All for One and One for All:* You can play solo or join up to 3 friends to face the challenges ahead. *Your actions and your decisions need to be in perfect synch:* Will be not easy, each level was designed to make you think harder, so you’ll have to work a lot to predict the right moves, making sure every step goes toward your success;

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Epopeia Games
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