Ghost Master Cardio Quest
Ghost Master Cardio Quest

Ghost Master Cardio Quest

Ubisoft • الرياضة
يتطلب توفر لعبة
يتطلب توفر لعبة
للأعمار من 7 أعوام فأكبر
عنف غير مرغوب، عنف ضمني

هذا المحتوى يتطلب لعبة (تُباع بشكل منفصل).


Play the Shape Up Ghost Master Training Quest to keep you warm when the temperatures drop. Want to burn off a few calories after the holidays? Take on the Ghost Master in a fight against flab. For (4) weeks, the Ghost Master will test your resolve and push your pulse with a mix of familiar Challenges and (2) exclusive workouts: Kung Faux and Bolt Fu. At the end of each week you will punch and kick with the Ghost Master in his improvised dojo. You will learn that the Master may not be everything he appears. But the sweat is real and the quest for fitness is a noble pursuit.

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