Feline Finery Bundle

Feline Finery Bundle

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Ferocious, deadly and dressed like royalty… and that’s just your cat! This noble bundle fit for any lordly pirate contains the Sovereign Cutlass, Hat, Jacket, Sails, Pegleg and Trousers, making you look just as majestic as your luxuriant new pet! Yes, this bundle also includes the Cavalier Wildcat, a dashing feline made even more debonair by the Wildcat Sovereign Outfit thrown in to match your items. Naturally, this royal pair must also have coin to spare – so you'll receive 550 Ancient Coins to spend with a swagger in the Emporium. The bundle even includes a 10,000 gold free bonus to spend at the Outpost shops. Perhaps another matching Sovereign indulgence? The Feline Finery Bundle contains 550 Ancient Coins, the Cavalier Wildcat with a Sovereign Wildcat Outfit, the Sovereign Cutlass, Hat, Jacket, Sails, Pegleg and Trousers and a bonus of 10,000 gold.

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