Enlisted - "Pacific War" Starter Pack

Enlisted - "Pacific War" Starter Pack

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This pack includes: - US medic class 4-star soldier + 3-star m50 reising; - Japanese medic class 4-star soldier + 3-star s1-100 smg; - 1 medkit per each army; - 1 explosion pack per each army; - 3 days of premium-account; - 300 gold. A premium account provides: + 100% to army experience gain + 100% to squad experience gain + 100% to soldier experience gain +1 to the maximum number of infantry squads in the battle +1 to the maximum number of squads with vehicles in the battle Accelerated training of soldiers at the academy The ability to keep more soldiers in reserve Enlisted gold - a premium currency, which can be spent in-game on premium account, soldiers and weaponry, soldier training, squad and campaign level-up etc. Note, that you can use the "assaulter" squad soldiers on the second level of the corresponding campaign and add them into squads with available slots for this class.

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