Deep Rock Galactic - Supporter Upgrade
Deep Rock Galactic - Supporter Upgrade

Deep Rock Galactic - Supporter Upgrade

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So you like Deep Rock Galactic, but it’s just not enough? You want more? Well, then the Supporter Upgrade is for you! Help fuel further development of the game, while getting your grubby mining-gloves on this tasty bag of exclusive treats: - The unique Supporter Badge, shown next to your name in-game! - An exclusive set of blinged-out armor Paintjob that can be applied to all the armors you own! - Supporter-only gold-plated skins for all weapons in the game! - Gold plated Paintjob for Bosco in the game! - VIP treatment at the in-game Abyss Bar - Get the SUPPORTER EDITION of the tasty Glyphid Slammer for your whole team, served in the gaudiest of golden tankards! - A unique Ghost Ship Games themed helmet, marking you as a permanent member of the Skeleton Crew! - Your chat name will be gold, to show off your Supporter status! - Our heartfelt and eternal thanks and gratitude! Important note: By buying this Add-on you are first of all showing your support to the game and to us, the developers. The bling-bling in the list above is just icing on the cake!

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