Century - Colossus Deluxe Pack

Century - Colossus Deluxe Pack

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Unleash bestial power with a loaded heap of rewards. The high quality items included in this best-value pack will make your enemies shiver!! This pack includes all the content of the Mighty Beast Pack + Dark Goliath Pack with extra rewards. Full content: An Adventurer Pack Code (to gift a friend) - 1 Dragon Windguard Epic - 1 Dragon Marauder Epic - 1 Dragon Phantom Legendary - 3 Legendary Weapons - 3 Legendary Helmets - 2 Epic Shields - 1 Rare Shield - 3,500 Gems - A 30-day XP Booster - 3 Legendary Banners - 3 Legendary Titles - 3 Legendary Player Icons - 3 Legendary Backgrounds Please be cautious!! Purchasing this pack will prevent you from acquiring the contents of another DLC pack. This pack is not eligible for a refund.

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