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Join the insidious band of scaled heroes in their journey to reclaim their birthright, Armello's throne. The Dragon Clan, Armello's second Clan DLC features four new playable Heroes, a brand new Dragon-exclusive Quest system, Dragon Dice, six new Signets, and a new Amulet! NEW HEROES Volodar, Wormchanter A self proclaimed prophet able to influence sophisticated and beastly minds alike. Oxana, The Sentinel A member of the elite group of Sentinels, she is the perfect weapon against the Wyld. Agniya, The Revenant Likely the oldest creature in Armello, this ancient warrior still holds her oath to the Worm. Nazar, The Maniac An illusionist devoted to The Worm who is as crafty as he is paranoid. PICTOGRAPHIC QUEST SYSTEM Continue The Dragons' pilgrimage back to Armello and carve new tales into stone. NEW DICE Show your allegiance to The Dragon Clan with the Dragon's Dice. NEW RINGS Explore a deep variety of strategy with six new Rings specific to Heroes of The Dragon Clan. NEW AMULET Add the Ruin Amulet to your collection, allowing any hero to embrace their dark side and become Armello's next villain.

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League of Geeks
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League of Geeks
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