Get-A-Grip Chip and the Body Bugs
Get-A-Grip Chip and the Body Bugs

Get-A-Grip Chip and the Body Bugs

Redstart Interactive • 動作與冒險 • 教育 • 平台遊戲
1 種支援語言
1 種支援語言


Get Digested with Get-A-Grip Chip and the Body Bugs Unclog your insides with a new form of medicine, the synthetic white blood cell, Get-A-Grip Chip. Traverse the digestive system to wake your dormant white blood cells to help fight off the Body Bugs. When piloting Chip, you can’t jump, but you can sail over pits of bodily fluids, battle the Body Bugs invading your insides, and unlock the knowledge hidden in the body’s white blood cells that Chip needs to get things flowing again! Fun to Master — Even More Fun to Learn Chip moves side-to-side, grapples to anchor points, and then launches off of them – in addition, Chip learns! To clean out the insides, Chip must build understanding on the escalating complexity of the digestive system’s parts and functions. You’ll build a truly masterful degree of knowledge and dexterity through the digestive system. Scoop Out Secret Cells Survive the onslaught of bodily fluids and you’ll be rewarded with an army of neurons and white blood cells to get the digestive system flowing again. The more cells you seek, the sooner they’ll unlock new levels, bringing Chip closer to the ultimate goal: re-opening the digestive system and sploosh! Take Over the Leaderboards Compete with your friends to take over the game’s arcade-style leaderboards! Hook, launch, and dodge your way through all twelve areas of the digestive system to get your initials on the top times of each leaderboard.

Redstart Interactive
Redstart Interactive


Xbox One
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Single player
60 fps+
Spatial Sound
Xbox One X Enhanced
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