The Game of Life 2 - Deluxe Life Bundle
The Game of Life 2 - Deluxe Life Bundle

The Game of Life 2 - Deluxe Life Bundle

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In-Game Purchases

+Ưu đãi khi mua hàng trong ứng dụng.

Trò chơi yêu cầu đăng ký nhiều người chơi trực tuyến để chơi trên bảng điều khiển (Game Pass Core hoặc Ultimate, được bán riêng).

Mô tả

Set off on 1000 life adventures in The Game of Life 2 - Deluxe Life Bundle! Spin the spinner and make choices in the Classic City, Fairytale Kingdom and Haunted Hills, THEN discover 8 more magical worlds, including Sweet Haven, Lunar Age, Sandy Shores and more! Modern Gameplay • Make big career, relationship, and financial choices early or late in the game • Collect points for happiness and knowledge as well as wealth • Retire to a luxury home or keep going! Customisable and Unlockable Items • Customise your pink, blue or purple peg at the start of every game • Unlock new avatars, outfits, and vehicles in every world Every Magical World • Including Sweet Haven, Lunar Age, Sandy Shores, Frozen Lands and Age of Giants • PLUS 1 more world to come (Get it as soon as it's released with this bundle). • Each comes with new outfits, vehicles, jobs, properties, avatars and unlockable items! EL DORADO Hop in your Vintage Car, Steam Paddle Boat or Copter. Take control of your route and become a Map Maker, or see what life brings as a Pathfinder. Through the Waterfall Village you’ll find the sparkling Golden City itself! Will you retire to the Temple, or take a classic biplane to your next adventure? UNDER THE SEA Come out of your shell and swim through a new life adventure in Under the Sea World! Flash your fins in the Mermaid outfit, hoist the colours as the Pirate, and become one with marine life in the Seahorse Onesie. SWEET HAVEN Dedicate your life to the art of candy-craft! Go to Candy College, become a recipe librarian, then re-qualify as a dentist! Live your own way on an island in the sugar clouds! LUNAR AGE Launch into orbit! See technology advance from the Moon Base to a High-Tech City, until you reach an Alien Civilisation! Grow through the ages and build a life on the furthest frontier! SANDY SHORES Watch the difficult decisions melt away on this forever holiday in the land of sunshine. Ride the waves as a Surf Instructor, or dive beneath them as a Marine Biologist. It’s a life-long escape! AGE OF GIANTS Experience a land where pegs and dinosaurs are the best of friends. From Coastal Caves, through the Jurassic Jungle, all the way to Stone Town, it’s the journey of your prehistoric life! FROZEN LANDS Qualify as an Arctic Scientist, or hit the slopes as a professional Snow Sledder! Journey through the Ski Resort, Ice Village and Magical Forest, all the way to the mysterious Frozen North!

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Marmalade Game Studios

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Marmalade Game Studios

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Có thể chơi được trên

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

Chức năng

  • Xbox local multiplayer (2-4)
  • Nhiều người chơi trực tuyến (2-4)
  • Xbox cross-platform multiplayer
  • Một người chơi
  • Màn hình chia đôi/được chia sẻ
  • Xbox Live