Horizon Chase Turbo - Rookie Series
Horizon Chase Turbo - Rookie Series

Horizon Chase Turbo - Rookie Series

AQUIRIS • Gia đình & trẻ em • Đua xe & máy bay • Thể thao
Yêu cầu một trò chơi
Yêu cầu một trò chơi
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HORIZON CHASE TURBO ROOKIE SERIES DLC A new campaign tailored for new players. Bring your friends and family together into ROOKIE SERIES! THE ROOKIE SERIES CAMPAIGN The new campaign is directed at young and inexperienced players, as it will teach the game basics in a welcoming environment, where they can evolve at their own pace. With no leaderboards, collectible coins nor fuel management, the DLC lets players focus on learning the main aspects of racing. A PERFECT CAR FOR BEGINNERS Rookie, a brand new car that is perfect for players who don’t have much experience with racing games. It offers great handling and receives automatic upgrades as the player progresses in the campaign. THE DRIVER LICENSE When the players reach the end of Rookie Series, they’ll unlock a special Driver’s License, that ensures they’re ready for World Tour and other gaming modes.

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

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