The Game of Life 2 - Sweet Haven World

The Game of Life 2 - Sweet Haven World

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When you’re done finding success in the Classic City, there are more worlds to explore in THE GAME OF LIFE 2! The Sweet Haven World is ready and waiting for any peg dedicated to the art of candy-craft! Go to the Candy College and graduate as a Cake Designer, or go straight into a job and become a Candy Shop Clerk! Choose to get married on the Wedding Cake, or stay single and adopt a dog or cat from the Cookie Pet Centre! Buy the delicious Croissant Cottage, save up for the Macaron Mansion, or add sparkle to the world from the Lollipop Lighthouse! In the Sweet Haven world you’ll find: - New Avatars - New Outfits - New Vehicles - New Jobs - New Properties Join your friends and family in a land like no other. Be sweet, be spectacular, and sprinkle some sugar on your life choices! Included within The Game Of Life 2 Season Pass and Complete Collection.


Marmalade Game Studio


Marmalade Game Studio

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