Nobody Saves the World, Nobody stands with a wand over his head in front of a collage of game characters

Nobody Saves the World

Available 2021

Coming day one to Xbox Game Pass



Xbox Series X|S Xbox One
Windows 10 PCs


From the developers of Guacamelee! 1 + 2 comes Nobody Saves the World, a new twist on Action RPGs, in which you play many different character Forms, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics.

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

Games built using the Xbox Series X|S development kit are designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Xbox Series X|S. They will showcase unparalleled load-times, visuals, responsiveness, and framerates up to 120FPS.

4K Ultra HD

60 frames per second

Destiny 2, Doom Eternal, Madden NFL 21 ve Fallout 76 gibi Xbox Game Pass'te mevcut oyunlardan oluşan bir dizi oyun.

Yeni favori oyununuzu keşfedin

Aylık düşük bir ücret karşılığında 100'ün üzerinde yüksek kaliteli oyuna, Xbox Live Gold'a ve EA Play üyeliğine erişim elde edin.

Game features

Two aliens in human clothing talk to a skeleton lord.

Questing, not grinding

Player progression and new abilities are obtained exclusively by completing quests, not by defeating monsters. Quests range from “Complete a Dungeon”, to “Poison Baddies”, to “Cheer up a fellow rabbit-lover”.

Screenshot from the game of a battle between zombies and snake creatures.

Quests unlock new forms

Level up and unlock new Forms by completing quests. Each new Form has specific strengths and weaknesses and new abilities to experiment with.

A horse with a bow and arrow shoots monsters in a battle.

Combine Form abilities

Customize your Forms by equipping abilities from other Forms: Mix and Match abilities in fun and unexpected ways!

Large drill machinery wreckage is covered in infectious tentacles.

Evolving dungeons

As you become stronger, procedurally generated dungeons will increase in difficulty and complexity to keep you on your toes!

Game details

From the developers of Guacamelee! comes Nobody Saves the World, a new twist on Action RPGs, in which you play many different character Forms, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics.

Complete Quests to discover and swap between many varied and distinct Forms. Mix and match abilities in unique and interesting ways to find and complete even more difficult Quests, and unlock more powerful Forms. Explore a vast overworld, clearing procedurally generated dungeons in an effort to beat back The Calamity and Save the World!

Additional information

Rating Pending

  • May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.
  • Publisher
  • Drinkbox Studios
  • Developer
  • Drinkbox Studios
  • Genre
  • Action RPG
  • Platforms
  • Xbox Series X|S
    Xbox One
    Windows 10 PCs
  • Release date
  • 2021
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