Tropico 6 - The Llama of Wall Street
Tropico 6 - The Llama of Wall Street

Tropico 6 - The Llama of Wall Street

Kalypso Media • Simulátory • Strategické hry
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V akcii: ušetrite 5,00 €
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It’s time to play in the major leagues! El Presidente is descending on the world of international brands, big time. Power in politics is never enough for a man with ambitions as great as El Prez, so join forces with the shady…uh, completely trustworthy broker, and help Tropico to establish its status as a global megabrand. Unravel the secrets behind the broker’s sinister master plan, as you try to sabotage the US finance market. In order to assert yourself, you will have to be a llama among wolves. Well, something like that... New gameplay mechanics await, as the prices of goods will now succumb to fluctuations and trends in the global market. Use new buildings like the Trade Institute to play the markets and manipulate export prices. Random events will pose an additional challenge, and you’ll also find lots of new content to dive into, like new traits, customization options and edicts. Features: • New standalone mission: “The Llama of Wall Street” – enter the world of big business • New buildings: Trade Institute, Toy Workshop and Smart Furniture Studio will help to enhance your economic power • New gameplay mechanics: Goods are now subject to price fluctuations, trade impacts and trends – affect global markets by using the Trade Institute to forecast future trends and play the markets • New challenges: random events will occur and will have positive, negative or mixed effects on global market situations, trade or production • New sandbox map: Acantilado Humeante • New edict, traits and customization options for El Prez and your palace

Kalypso Media
Limbic Entertainment
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