Sudden Strike 4: The Pacific War
Sudden Strike 4: The Pacific War

Sudden Strike 4: The Pacific War

Kalypso Media • Strategické hry • Simulátory
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Features: • Sudden Strike 4: The Pacific War features two new campaigns with a total of 10 missions based on the South-East Asian campaign of World War II. • Six new doctrine commanders to choose from: on the side of the Imperial Japanese Army, choose between the navy admiral Soemu Toyoda or Commander of the Southern Expeditionary Army Group Hisaichi Terauchi. On the Allies side, you can now choose between the legendary five-star general Douglas MacArthur or Chief of Staff Richard J. Marshall. • The Pacific War add-on brings new gameplay features to Sudden Strike, such as flame throwers, amphibious vehicles, large controllable aircraft carriers, advanced air combat as well as new unit skills. • Sudden Strike 4: The Pacific War introduces 51 new vehicle units, including the Amtrac LTV(A)-4, USS Enterprise CV-6, Soko Sagyo Ki (SS-KI) and Shokaku aircraft carrier.

Kalypso Media
Kite Games
Dátum vydania
22. 2. 2019

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