Madden NFL 21 NXT LVL EDITION Xbox Series X|S
Madden NFL 21 NXT LVL EDITION Xbox Series X|S

Madden NFL 21 NXT LVL EDITION Xbox Series X|S

Electronic Arts • Šport

In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)

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Feel Game Day in Madden NFL 21 NXT LVL EDITION. Includes the following content: •Receive 6 90+ rated OVR players for Madden Ultimate Team. Players include: - Michael Vick - Deion Sanders - Reggie White - Bo Jackson - Tony Gonzalez - Taylor Lawrence The next generation of Madden NFL is here. Featuring Next Gen Player Movement fueled by real-world Next Gen Stats and authentic new environments inside NFL stadiums, feel game day realism like never before. Madden NFL 21 delivers new features and modes including: •Face Of The Franchise: Rise To Fame, Superstar X-Factors 2.0, and a brand new backyard football experience in The Yard •Next Gen Stats Player Movement: Real athlete data powers the most realistic Madden NFL gameplay ever. Next Gen Player Movement utilizes Next Gen Stats—leveraging real athlete data from thousands of plays fed into the Madden NFL animation engine—to create fluid, athletic player movement •Next Gen Stats Powered Replays Relive the thrill of victory, backed by Next Gen Stats data. •Next Gen Play Calling Call the best plays for the right player on every down. This game includes optional in-game purchases of virtual currency that can be used to acquire a random selection of virtual in-game items. CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS APPLY. SEE FOR DETAILS

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