King's Quest - Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb
King's Quest - Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb

King's Quest - Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb

Sierra • Akčné a adventúry
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If you already own King’s Quest(TM): The Complete Collection or Season Pass, DO NOT repurchase this content here or you will be charged again. Please download new chapters from within the game. King’s Quest - Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember is required to play this content & is sold separately. King’s Quest – Once Upon a Climb is the third chapter in the new, critically-acclaimed reimagining of the classic King’s Quest game series. In his latest adventure, King Graham recounts his most personal tale yet. When the magic mirror reveals the location of his one-true love, Graham must climb to daring new heights to save his future Queen. But what he encounters there might just send his notions of romance sailing out the window. Will Graham finally meet his match? Will it be love at first height? Will love-sickness have Graham seeing double? And when did he have time to go to the gym?




The Odd Gentlemen

Dátum vydania

26. 4. 2016

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