Cities: Skylines - Radio Station Pack 3
Cities: Skylines - Radio Station Pack 3

Cities: Skylines - Radio Station Pack 3

Paradox Interactive • Simulátory • Strategické hry
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In Cities: Skylines - Radio Station Pack 3, tune in to the songs of Deep Focus Radio and Campus Rock Radio. Get lost in your game with Ambient and Lo-Fi music on Deep Focus Radio, or switch to Campus Rock Radio for a collection of upbeat melodies that belong in any college city. Cities: Skylines - Deep Focus Radio For the most relaxing city-building sessions, Deep Focus Radio has the chilled-out ambiance you need. Enjoy a selection of Ambient and Lo-Fi music presented by DJ “Deep Thought.” This station comes with 16 unique tracks that will help you to focus on what’s truly important: perfect street layouts. Cities: Skylines - Campus Rock Radio Relive your freshman year with a collection of College Rock, Teen Pop, Happy Punk, and Power Chord music. Let DJ "Claude Couture" spin the tracks of your higher education with 16 unique songs!

Paradox Interactive
Tantalus Media
Dátum vydania
24. 9. 2019

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Xbox One
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