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Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament

E-Home Entertainment • Экшн и приключения • Ролевые игры
Старше 16 лет, Насилие


Features : 1. New facial animation and lip-sync systems to enhance facial expression and animation. 2. New MVN motion capture system that creates real-time character animation. 3. Real-time combat to make the combat look much more realistic, intense, and diverse. 4. New Battle field System to make the game much more fun and enjoyable to play. 5. New Cauldron System (the Urn of Spirit Infusion) to synthesize demons as well as refine or even upgrade their equipments to a better one. 6. New Guardian System to enable players to capture demons and use them in the game as a combat companion. 7. New Talisman system that will add additional buffs to players when equipped.

E-Home Entertainment
SOFTSTAR Entertainment
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