Outbreak: Lydia's Nightmare
Outbreak: Lydia's Nightmare

Outbreak: Lydia's Nightmare

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Насилие, Страх, Брань

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Lydia's nightmare began on a cold autumn night as the world was overtaken by an undead epidemic. Experience her torment as you fight through two survival horror adventures, Outbreak: The New Nightmare and Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles! Follow Lydia's journey out from the city to the safety of the countryside in Outbreak: The New Nightmare, a co-op survival horror adventure. Featuring fixed camera angles and classic survival horror gameplay, you'll need to fight your way out of the infection zone and attempt to find refuge within the mountains. But Lydia and her fellow the survivors will learn a horrible truth in the process... Featuring the full Story mode, the wave based Onslaught experience and the all new Experiments mode which features a unique spin on survival horror. Then, experience Lydia's fight for survival in Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles as she is separated from the survivors and forced to explore a deserted manor alone. Featuring a dedicated story experience with all the trappings of classic survival horror, you'll need to explore, scrounge and battle the undead to survive. Also includes the extra Battle Mode where you must fight your way through each room towards the exit with very limited resources. Will Lydia survive the nightmare?

Dead Drop Studios LLC
Dead Drop Studios LLC
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