Outbreak Definitive Collection
Outbreak Definitive Collection

Outbreak Definitive Collection

Dead Drop Studios LLC • Экшн и приключения
Насилие, Страх, Брань


The definitive retro survival horror nightmare awaits as you fight through five adventures in the Outbreak series - optimized and enhanced for the next generation. Please Note: You will need an Xbox Series X or Series S console to play Outbreak: Epidemic Definitive Edition, Outbreak: Lost Hope Definitive Edition, Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Definitive Edition and Outbreak: The New Nightmare Definitive Edition. Outbreak is playable on both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. The apocalypse has torn the world apart and you'll need all of your wits and a bit of luck to make it out alive - even with a friend along in co-op. From intense over-the-shoulder precision to fixed camera tactical action, you'll be forced to manage a tight inventory, search for clues, solve puzzles and fight off the undead. Every bullet counts as you make the most of your extremely limited supplies to try to reach evac. Can you survive these intensely traumatic experiences and make it out alive... or will you simply be yet another victim of the undead? Good luck - you're going to need it!

Dead Drop Studios LLC
Dead Drop Studios LLC
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Можно играть на

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Локальная кооперативная игра в Xbox (2-2)
4K Ultra HD
Один игрок
Общий или разделенный экран
Оптимизировано для Xbox Series X|S
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Xbox Live