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Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020

Blue Sunset Games • Familijne i dla dzieci • Inne • Sport
Oryginalna cena: 45,99 zł; cena na wyprzedaży 11,49 zł
Wyprzedaż: oszczędź 34,50 zł
Wyprzedaż: oszczędź 34,50 zł
3 lata lub więcej

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Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 is an oldschool, pixelart sports game in which you play as a ski jumper. Compete in tournaments, beat your hi-scores. You can play in campaign mode or challenge others in multiplayer. Have a competition with AI jumpers on 5 difficulty levels! GAME MODES · Campaign – a set of ready to play competitions with a brief plot · Tournament – events taking place on selected ski jumping hills · Quickplay – you choose the hill, number of opponents, difficulty level, and start playing · Multiplayer Online – play with your friends and fight for a position in direct online games · Training – a place to hone your skills FEATURES · Old school graphics · Different types of ski jumping hills from summer and winter to jumping on the Moon and beach · Simplified and advanced jump models · Personalized jumpers · Multiplayer mode to play with players from all around the world!

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Blue Sunset Games
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Blue Sunset Games
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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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