Richy’s Nightmares
Richy’s Nightmares

Richy’s Nightmares

ChiliDog Interactive • Akcja i przygoda • Platformowe
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1 obsługiwane języki
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Richy’s Nightmares is a unique kind of platforming experience. It tells a story of Richy, a little boy who got lost in the labyrinths of some dreaded magical woods. And now he has to do his best to survive through this journey. The forest is full of nightmares and lethal puzzles, and that is why Richy’s escape is going to be the challenge to remember. Here you’ll find immersive gameplay and dark fantasy setting bundled together. But be aware that you will not get your reward easily — this game is best suited for the players who prefer to explore the surroundings and find any kind of vital clues to ease the burden of this strong-spirited survival.

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ChiliDog Interactive
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