Tempest Pack (Full Version)
Tempest Pack (Full Version)

Tempest Pack (Full Version)

Microsoft Studios • Wyścigowe i lotnicze • Sport
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Fire up your boost rockets and shred the stormy waters of the Hydro Thunder Hurricane Tempest Pack, with all-new tracks, boats, challenges and achievements! Catch huge air off hurricane-force waves in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. Blast through the lost city of Atlantis as it shakes with volcanic eruptions. Dodge exploding barrels and cannon-fire in the explosive Castle Von Boom. Take to the Leaderboards in two new super-fast Expert boats: the futuristic Whiplash and the slip-slidey Psyclone. Trick out new and existing boats with extra skins, including the winners of Vector Unit's Design-A-Skin Contest. Prove your mettle in all new Races, Gauntlet and Ring Master events.

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Microsoft Studios
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Vector Unit Inc
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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S

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