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About this site

Welcome to the Gaming for Everyone industry professional network. We're glad you're here!

What is Gaming for Everyone?

Gaming for Everyone is our commitment to making Xbox a place where everyone has fun. It’s not a campaign slogan or a single initiative; it’s our ongoing focus to bringing intentional, inclusive practices and thinking to everything we do at Xbox.

Gamers are at the center of everything we do, and our fans are a diverse audience with varying interests, gaming preferences and needs. Gaming for Everyone is about respect – for the gamer, the medium, and the industry.  

Communities for Industry Professionals

As a platform we have the privilege of working with game developers and industry professionals from all walks of life across the globe. We believe in amplifying new or underrepresented voices in the gaming industry to encourage innovation, creativity and supporting the industry in delivering a wide range of experiences, so everyone can find their own type of fun.

We hope this site will help you find a community of your peers, feel connected to a larger movement and realize the impact you can have. We encourage you to explore the different content available through the filter of various communities, explore ways to connect in person at upcoming events, and explore what resources other organizations have created to make the entire industry a place where everyone has fun.

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