Castle Crashers & Pit People Bundle
Castle Crashers & Pit People Bundle

Castle Crashers & Pit People Bundle

The Behemoth • Strategie
€ 29,99
16 jaar en ouder
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A kaleidoscope of colorful combat, enjoy two of The Behemoth's couch co-op adventures in one lovingly wrapped package! Have your hack n' slash and eat your strategy too in a bundle that pairs Castle Crasher's classic arcade beat 'em up with the fast-paced, turn based action of Pit People! Loaded with weapons and characters to discover, both games feature dangerously hilarious landscapes for you to explore, either alone or with some of your friendliest besties. Add a side dish of fresh and exciting PVP combat to your experience, if you want... or not! We're not here to tell you how to play. Because we love you.

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Lokale co-op (2-4) Xbox
Online co-op (2-4)
Lokale multiplayer (2-4) Xbox
Online multiplayer (2-4)
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