Zombie Turkey Outbreak
Zombie Turkey Outbreak

Zombie Turkey Outbreak

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In de uitverkoop: bespaar € 11,00, eindigt in 21 dagen
In de uitverkoop: bespaar € 11,00, eindigt in 21 dagen
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Driven mad after losing his farm to foreclosure, local turkey farmer J. Snydles plots his revenge on an unsuspecting town. Using steroids, toxic waste, and a small amount of energy drink, Snydles concocts a brew that turns his turkeys into mindless minions. On the brink of panic, returning war hero Bret Star must save his town before it's too late. Zombie Turkeys Must Die!! Please note: Creators Collection games, such as this one, cannot contain Xbox LIVE achievements and as such cannot increase your GamerScore. Please be sure to give this game all correct permissions to access Xbox LIVE otherwise Leaderboards and Cloud saving will NOT be available. The hit Xbox 360 Indie and mobile game is now available on Xbox ONE! Unlock new weapons, throw grenades, blast those turkeys all in 3D. Try to get a high score while experiencing multiple levels, different kinds of Zombie Turkeys, and choose from many different weapons.

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • HDR10
  • Single player
  • Xbox-opslag in de cloud
  • Xbox Live