Victor Vran
Victor Vran

Victor Vran

Haemimont Games • Action og eventyr • Rollespill
16 år og eldre
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Also available now, Fractured Worlds and Motorhead Through the Ages. Become Victor, hunter of demons. Forge your own hero on a quest to liberate the cursed city of Zagoravia. Look your very best and reinforce your play style with a monumental arsenal of powerful weapons, game-changing outfits, wicked demon powers and fate-binding destiny cards. Redefine how you play at any moment, even in the heat of battle. Modify your demon slaying loadout as you dodge deadly attacks, leap from towering locations and take on hordes of hideous beasts and cunning boss monsters. Fedora or no fedora, you decide! Slaying demons doesn’t have to be a lonely affair – Form a pack and find even greater strength in numbers, to explore the story of the dark world together. • Experience the original award-winning action RPG • Face off your enemies in Dynamic Combat • 8 distinct weapon classes • 7 breeds of demon stand in your way • Choose from 9 game-changing outfits • Build your own class with combat defining loot • Summon 12 different demon powers to crush your enemies • 4 player online, and 2 player couch co-op • Become the Victor in The Circus PvP arena • Acclaimed voice Cast

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Haemimont Games

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Haemimont Games



Spillbar på

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox, samarbeid lokalt (2-4)
  • Nettbasert co-op (2-4)
  • Xbox, flerspiller lokalt (2-2)
  • Flerspillerspill på nettet (2-4)
  • Xbox Live