Hearts of Iron IV: Eastern Front Planes Pack

Hearts of Iron IV: Eastern Front Planes Pack

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Requires a game
Requires a game
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This content requires a game (sold separately).


Celebrate five years of one of the world’s most sophisticated simulations of the largest conflict in human history with this new Anniversary Content Pack, adding new aircraft models to fight it out in the skies over Eastern Europe. The Eastern Front Content Pack adds over 50 new planes for six nations in the region. The Eastern Front Planes Pack Includes: ◾20 German Plane Models: A fleet of Luftwaffe designs, including the feared Ju-87 Stuka, the ubiquitous He-111 medium bomber and three hypothetical carrier launched planes. ◾13 Soviet Plane Models: A dozen planes from the Red Army Air Forces, including the “varnished coffin” LaGG-3 fighter, the celebrated Il-2 close air support plane, and the Tu-4 Cold War strategic bomber. ◾8 Polish Plane Models: Including the highly advanced PZL.37 Łoś bomber, the prototype PZL.56 Kania fighter and PZL.46 Sum light bomber. ◾4 Romanian Plane Models: The scrappy Romanian air force is represented by three IAR fighter designs and the IAR 37 light bomber. ◾5 Hungarian Plane Models: The biplane WM-16 bomber and the experimental RMI-8-X/V fighter are now in game with three other designs. ◾4 Yugoslavian Plane Models: The Yugoslav air force is represented by the Czech designed BH-33, the prototype R-313 fighter-bomber, and two more planes..

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