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Magic Cubeროლის გათამაშებასიმულაციასტრატეგიაკარტი და სამაგიდო თამაშებითავსატეხები და გამოცანები
Xbox Play Anywhere
2 Accessibility features
12 Supported languages
Xbox Play Anywhere
2 Accessibility features
12 Supported languages
7 წლის და უფროსი ასაკისთვის
მსუბუქი ძალადობა

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Merge and Blade is a fantasy puzzle game. You will engage in large-scale battles with monsters with your own squad which is made using merge mechanics. After a battle, you can recruit new units using merge mechanics. By proceeding with these puzzles and battles, you will retake the castles occupied by monsters. As you retake the castle one by one, your base and squad get stronger. Your journey will continue until retaking the last castle. But, even if you retake the last castle, your journey won't completely end. There are endless invading monsters that you have to hold off. You can battle with your friends or can save the world again with another strategy. Are you ready to save this world? DESCRIPTION ◆PUZZLE SYSTEM This game is a puzzle that builds blocks that come down like Tetris, Hexa, and Puyo Puyo. But it's not about holding out for a long time or removing blocks. it's about merging the same three or more units to create a higher class. ◆BATTLE SYSTEM The goal of the puzzle is to create a squad as strong as possible within a limited turn. You can make a much stronger squad or can get additional turns with multi-merge, combo, etc. Battles are performed in real-time up to 25 v 25. In battles, formation is important, as well as each unit's stats. This is because each unit has its own attack types and attack or heal ranges.  So it's good to care about the position of the unit when you place units in the puzzle part. In addition, you can use swaps to change their position in battle. ◆UPGRADE SYSTEM You can use gold from puzzles and battles to upgrade your base and units in your squad. Base upgrades provide unlocking the merging list and adding the number of turns, previews, and swap. Units upgrades increase the unit's HP and ATK, giving you an advantage in battles. ◆DEFENSE MODE Survive from the endless monsters as long as you can with your squad you've grown. ◆VERSUS SYSTEM Brag your puzzle skill in this local multi-player mode. ◆CHALLENGE MODE It's another land only for the challenge mode. Make a new squad, and complete from start to finish at one go. ◆ROGUELIKE MODE

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Magic Cube

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Magic Cube

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC


  • Xbox რამდენიმე მოთამაშე ადგილობრივად (2-2)
  • ერთი მოთამაშე
  • გაზიარებული/გაყოფილი ეკრანი
  • Xbox მიღწევები
  • Xbox გლობალურ ქსელში შენახვა
  • Xbox Play Anywhere
  • Xbox Live

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