HOT WHEELS™ - Thanksgiving Pack - Windows Edition

HOT WHEELS™ - Thanksgiving Pack - Windows Edition

Milestone S.r.l.ოჯახი და ბავშვებირბოლა და ფრენოსნობა
Requires a game
Requires a game
3 წლის და უფროსი ასაკისთვის

მომხმარებელთა შორის ინტერაქცია, In-Game Purchases

This content requires a game (sold separately).


It's time to say thank you, 3 times, with this free Thanksgiving pack, featuring 3 new vehicles for your collection... and they will not go unnoticed! Hot Seat™ is… well, that’s what we call a WC: a Wild Car. This toilet-on-wheels will be your number 1 - or sometimes number 2 - choice to flush the competition away. Because when you gotta go, you gotta go… right on top of the podium! And when the race turns into a Death Match, bury your rivals with Rigor Motor™! A die-hard racing coffin with an exposed engine and a bat, perfect to find out if there is life after… the finish line. Driving this powerful car will be a hell of a ride! Last but not least (and never last on the track) BMW 3.0 CSL Racing: even if the L in its name refers to the lightness of its body, when it comes to racing and beating its opponents this car has a lead foot! Download the special HOT WHEELS™ - Thanksgiving Pack now! This DLC includes 3 vehicles: - Hot Seat™ - Rigor Motor™ - BMW 3.0 CSL Racing

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Milestone S.r.l.

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Milestone S.r.l.

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  • რამდენიმე მოთამაშე ადგილობრივად
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