HOT WHEELS™ - Fun Pack - Windows Edition

HOT WHEELS™ - Fun Pack - Windows Edition

Milestone S.r.l.ოჯახი და ბავშვებირბოლა და ფრენოსნობა
Requires a game
Requires a game
3 წლის და უფროსი ასაკისთვის

მომხმარებელთა შორის ინტერაქცია, In-Game Purchases

This content requires a game (sold separately).


Fun is never enough. And if you are ready to exceed all limits, with HOT WHEELS™ - Fun Pack you’ll take the thrills of racing to a whole new level! Enjoy 3 free racing cars that made power their trademark. BMW M3 GT2, a magnificent grand touring race car, for all your journeys… on the podium. And then Invader™, a racing tank with a rocket launcher: try its explosive power! And finally, straight from the acclaimed series AcceleRacers, Rivited™, the legendary racing car of Taro Kitano of the Metal Maniacs. Have fun crushing your opponents with their power and speed. Download HOT WHEELS™ - Fun Pack for free now! This DLC includes 3 vehicles: - BMW M3 GT2 - Invader™ - Rivited™

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Milestone S.r.l.

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Milestone S.r.l.

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  • PC


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