Opus Castle

Opus Castle

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2 Supported languages
2 Supported languages
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Opus Castle it's a 3D Horror Game with the narrative based on the real tragic history of the little castle on Apa Street, located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Let the mysterious unfold in this new adventure that brings some basics mechanics for the exploration, which focus more on the narrative, that will be separate in chapter, with more than 5 different paths that the player can choose. The player must explore Castelinho's secret rooms and environments, encountering the famous supernatural apparitions, noises from nowhere and the laments of spirits from the past. In the meantime, you wake up in one of the rooms beside a body riddled with bullets.

Published by

QUByte Interactive

Developed by

Messier Games

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


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  • Xbox Live

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