Game Rating Information

The Pan European Games Information (PEGI) age rating system for interactive games is there to help you determine whether an Xbox video game is appropriate for your child.

PEGI provides a single age classification system for all games in most European states. The rating system is supported by the major console manufacturers, as well as by publishers and developers of interactive games.

PEGI has a website at so that parents and consumers can access up-to-date rating information.

PEGI Rating Symbols

  • PEGI Rating 3

    PEGI 3

    Game content suitable for children aged 3 or over

  • PEGI Rating 7

    PEGI 7

    Game content suitable for children aged 7 or over

  • PEGI Rating 12

    PEGI 12

    Game content suitable for children aged 12 or over

  • PEGI Rating 16

    PEGI 16

    Game content suitable for teenagers aged 16 or over

  • PEGI Rating 18

    PEGI 18

    Game content suitable for adults aged 18 or over