Year of the Spider

Year of the Spider

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Seasons come and seasons go, but the spiders always remain - until now! Celebrate a year of extermination mayhem with Kill It With Fire: Year Of The Spider. This add-on is packed with a full new mission, new modes, new spider types, and tons of new equipment and upgrades. The star of the show is the new mission “Down The Spider Hole” where you’re tasked with battling spiders in their natural habitat: the backyard. Take to the skies using a remote controlled drone to flush spiders out of their hiding spots, then rev up your engine and use the mower to run them down. Tired of doing all the hard work? Use the Best Buds Blueberry flavor to convert spiders into your own private army of Spider Bros! Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with the new Holidays mode. Decorate a festive tree in each level to unlock awesome rewards, including Santa’s latest line of laser weaponry. If ghosts and ghouls are more of your style, check out the new Halloween mode. You’ll explore a nighttime version of the first 3 missions, complete new objectives, and even encounter spooky ghost spiders. Finish all of the objectives in each level to unlock an airhorn, the dreaded “Australia Mode” modifier, and more! All of that and much more, including new upgrades, tracker upgrades, modifiers, and a new Omega File. And don’t forget new secrets, including a big one that will send you on a scavenger hunt across the entire game! Check out Kill It With Fire: Year Of The Spider today!

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