Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All – Digital Deluxe
Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All – Digital Deluxe

Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All – Digital Deluxe

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The stakes have just been raised! In this high-octane release, you have to prove your mettle in some of the roughest and most unforgiving drag and street races across the United States. Your success depends on how you perform, your strategy on modding your car, and how much reputation you ultimately earn along the way. The Unreal Engine brings Street Outlaws to a whole new level of visual fidelity with improved lighting, textures, and everything else! You can customize your car, but you can also customize your team garage to truly make it your own, plus the Digital Deluxe version includes additional content not included in the base game! Digital Deluxe Edition Includes: - The OG Crow Car – Get behind the wheel of Justin “Big Chief” Shearer’s first automotive love. - The Custom Rims Pack – 3 sets of unique rims to expand the customization options in your garage. - Exclusive Tire Smoke Colors – Show your American pride with red, white, and blue tire smoke. - The Black Skull Parachute – Intimidate racers you’ve just blown away by deploying your black skull parachute when your brakes aren’t enough to slow you down.

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