Snooker Nation Championship

Snooker Nation Championship

Cherry Pop Games • Akció és kaland • Egyéb • Szimulátorok • Sport • Stratégia
3 100,00 HUF


Welcome to the Snooker Nation Championship, the most important event in your digital Snooker diary. Challenge the very best Snooker players in the world to take home that all important win and lift the famous Snooker Nation trophy. The offline tournament spans 6 rounds, competing in the qualifiers through to the grand final held in the Snooker Nation Championship venue, played on meticulously created Championship specification tables. Or take a break from the crowds by challenging players online and climb the global leaderboards. Collect a variety of cues and compete in online snooker leagues. Snooker Nation Championship is digital snooker at is best.

Cherry Pop Games
Cherry Pop Games
Kiadás dátuma
2019. 05. 28.

Lejátszható itt:

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Xbox helyi, többrésztvevős (2-2)
Online többrésztvevős (2-2)
4K Ultra HD
Xbox – mentés a felhőben
Xbox Live

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