Gnomes Garden: New Home
Gnomes Garden: New Home

Gnomes Garden: New Home

8FLOOR LTD. • Akció és kaland • Stratégia • Szimulátorok


After defeating the sorcerer collector, the gnomes returned the castle to its old form. But it still stood in the grey wasteland, and there nothing could grow. The princess was worried that her people would soon run out of food and start to starve. So she makes the decision to set off on a journey to find the secret Green Recipe. Restore ancient cars, plant magic gardens, manage resources and build buildings. Simple gameplay and clear training let you dive right into the basics with ease. And if things get tough, don't forget about the princess' powerful magic! Gnomes Garden: New home — Obtain the Crystal of Eternal Light and return prosperity! Key features: - Over 40 beautiful levels, - Tons of different objectives, - A fun plot, - A captivating gameplay.





Kiadás dátuma

2018. 11. 28.

Lejátszható itt:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox Live

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