BFF or Die
BFF or Die

BFF or Die

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BFF or Die is a cozy and crazy cooperative puzzle game that you can play with up to four players! You're a time traveling alien sent to Earth on a risky rescue mission. Utilize your gadgets to overcome danger and survive! As time traveling aliens, you must venture to a strange planet called “Earth” in order to rescue the Orbees, a mysterious species who help you build your crucial set of gadgets. Take charge of each gadget, combine your abilities and strategize to save your friends. Use your cunning wit and camaraderie to survive, but never forget the Academy motto: “BFF or Die!” If you love couch co-op's with friends and family then BFF or Die is for you! BFF or Die in 2-4 local player mode is a completely new and amusing cooperative experience. A mix of puzzles and action gameplay will make you think carefully and sometimes - panic in excitement!


2Awesome Partners


ASA Studio

Kiadás dátuma

2020. 11. 25.

Lejátszható itt:

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Xbox helyi, többrésztvevős (2-4)
Xbox – mentés a felhőben
Xbox Live