The Fisherman - Fishing Planet: Trophy Catch Pack

The Fisherman - Fishing Planet: Trophy Catch Pack

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It’s time to score BIG with some real Trophies! All you need is skills, patience, persistence and the Trophy Catch Pack to maximize your chances of landing trophy-sized fish! Get a champion's spinning combo of exclusive gear: *TrophySpinn™ 8' 10" (270cm) rod *ThunderWin™ 5500 reel And an awesome casting combo: *PrizeCaster™ 6' 3" (190cm) rod *TriumphCast™ 6500 reel ... featuring a collectible gold and silver design! The pack also includes a selection of lures and lines meant for targeting monster fish opponents along with cool Trophy Catch equipment: *WinHolder™ rod case *TrophyBelt™ lure box *Trophy Master™ angling cap *Trophy Master™ jacket Not to mention Credits and BaitCoins to take your trophy catching to the next level!

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Bigben Interactive

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