Soul Hackers 2 - Booster Item Pack

Soul Hackers 2 - Booster Item Pack

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דורש משחק
לגילאי 16 ומעלה
‎PEGI 16‎
שפה נמוכה, סמים, אלימות

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Allows items to drop from battles to help you earn in-game currency, boost stats and grant EXP. Cash Payoffs - Items which can be sold for major profit. Incense Payoffs - Scented Wood or Scented Wood Shard can be traded at Yang Yang Palace for Incense or Incense Shards. Incense or Incense Shards can be used to raise a Summoner's stats. Unlimited EXP Data - Items can be used to grant EXP to Summoners or demons. These features can be enabled by opening the main menu, the SYSTEM submenu, and then finding it in CONFIG and choosing to activate it.

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