Wales Interactiveפעולה והרפתקאותאחרסימולציה
לגילאי 16 ומעלה
‎PEGI 16‎
שפה קשה


SIMULACRA is an interactive FMV horror game about exploring a missing woman’s phone — from the creators of Sara is Missing. You found the lost phone of a woman named Anna. In it, you see a desperate cry for help in the form of a video message. The phone behaves strangely as you dive deeper into it. You talk to her friends and they have no idea where she is. Her texts, emails and photo gallery provides fragments of information. It's up to you to piece it together. Recover lost files, piece back corrupted data, and retrace her final steps. Find her before it's too late.

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Wales Interactive

פותח על-ידי

Kaigan Games

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


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  2. The FMV Collection 3

    The FMV Collection 3

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    The FMV Collection 3

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